ReStor Vital

In a world where we are constantly evaluated based on our performance, it can be a struggle sometimes to stay alert, active, and energized as the day goes on. Our bodies expend a great amount of physical and mental energy responding to the stresses of everyday life. Adrenal exhaustion and fatigue deplete our ATP levels, which leaves many of us feeling tired and in need of a boost.


ReStor Vital energizes you throughout the day no matter where you are– at home or work, in class, at the gym, or on-the-go! Formulated with a proprietary blend of six ingredients, ReStor Vital is specifically designed to support individuals with higher energy demands. The jasmine flower extract, L-Arginine, and Taurine help replenish our levels of calcium ATPase, a naturally occurring enzyme in our body that is crucial to cellular health. Green tea extract, ginger root powder, and D-ribose provide added physical and mental support. From increased energy to improved focus, ReStor Vital offers targeted benefits to help those with active lifestyles perform their best and achieve optimal vitality.




  • Helps improve muscle strength, endurance, and recovery by increasing the body’s levels of calcium ATPase.
  • Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue by helping restore levels of ATP, our body’s source of cellular energy. Our ATP levels decline during times of stress or exercise.
  • Promotes comfort and mobility in the joints and muscles by helping maintain optimal levels of intracellular calcium.
  • Enhances performance and vigor.


Green tea extract has been shown to improve focus, alertness, and mental clarity, for an extra mental boost that helps you perform your best from morning to night.


Green tea extract and ginger root powder help protect our bodies from harmful free radicals.