Skindulgence Probiotic Ampoule

The skin barrier is essential to helping us maintain healthy and balanced skin. As the outermost layer, it protects skin by holding moisture in and keeping harmful external stressors out. When environmental elements like airborne pollution, allergens, and bacteria disrupt the skin barrier, it can leave our complexion dry, dull, and more vulnerable to experiencing irritation or sensitivity.

Give your skin barrier the reinforcements it needs with the Skindulgence Probiotic Ampoule. This next-level daily facial serum is specifically designed to boost the skin’s defenses against external aggressors. Its super concentrated formula is infused with nourishing probiotics and prebiotics that restore balance to the skin’s microbiome and strengthen the skin’s barrier. In addition, it’s made with five active ingredients that effectively soothe and hydrate, providing relief from sensitivity and protecting skin from irritation. Perfect for use both day and night, these mighty ampoules give you ultimate protection to keep your skin calm, healthy, and youthful all year long.